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Anti-corruption Network

Who We Are

The Anti-corruption Network has so far served as the voice of the voiceless and masses who are suffering the negative concomitant effect of corruption. Before the establishment of this Network, there was virtually no group or non-governmental organization with the passion, zeal and sincerity of purpose to confront corruption practices in Nigeria. The Network frontally investigates, exposes and inform Nigerians on all forms of corrupt practices in Nigeria, by Nigerians for Nigerians. The Anti-corruption Network continues to tackle corruption in the Nigerian society.
Our Mission is to build a Nigeria Society with zero tolerance for corruption, re-establish moral philosophy, transparency, accountability, integrity and respect for human dignity in other to attain good governance and social justice"
Our Mission is to build a Nigeria Society with zero tolerance for corruption, re-establish moral philosophy, transparency, accountability, integrity and respect for human dignity in other to attain good governance and social justice"

About Anti-corruption Network

Brief About Us

Anti-corruption Network is a registered Non-Governmental, Non-religious, Non-political, Non-profit oriented Organization. It is set up to fight all forms of corruption in Nigeria through enlightenment campaigns, educational materials, exposition of crime and corruption activities of persons, groups, government etc.

Founded by Hon. Dino Melaye, a former member of the house of Representatives of Nigeria, former Chairman House Committee on Information and National Orientation, a social crusader, human right activist, public analyst and politician, on the 20th January 2012, it has succeeded so far in its fight against corruption in the Nigerian society. It was established by progressive minded, committed and dedicated Nigerians.

Anti-corruption Network Morale

Why join the fight against Coruption?

Every Nigerian persons doing business in Nigeria and Government institutions should assist in fighting the satirical ills of the society and other vulnerable groups in the society. Please join us to project these good ideals for the betterment of our country by becoming a better corporate citizen and by promoting the cause of human rights/ fighting corruption.

Our Activities/Programmes

What We Do

  • Networking with the other Anti-corruption agencies nationally, internationally and also individuals to combat corruption and other forms of injustices.
  • To educate and enlighten the public on the dangers of corruption to the society.
  • To embark on Anti-corruption enlightenment programs.
  • To foster and nurture anti-corruption clubs in higher institutions of learning.
  • To combat abuse of civil rights and liberty of individuals and organizations.
  • Promotion of good Governance in Nigeria.
  • To build a coalition of individuals and civil society organizations committed to fighting corruption in all ramifications.
  • To advocate and support law reforms, bills and motions for promoting transparency and accountability in governance.
  • To promote service delivery in public service through the elimination of corruption.
  • Straightening, human, financial and material resource capacity in anti-corruption institutions, building capacity and motivating public service workers.
  • To attend and organize international workshops and seminars targeted at the promotion and protection of human rights and the rule of law.
  • To conduct periodic studies on ways, means and strategies that is in conflict with the law and seeks for constructive modalities for redressing such violations.

Our Committment

  • The Network will help in briefing every citizen of Nigeria on what is happening politically, economically, socially, etc. in Nigeria. It will help to expose corruption in governance and abuse of the rule of law.
    It will fight political corruption and it’s aiming on doing the following:

    1. Reduce corruption in public governance
    2. Reducing corruption at all levels of Government
    3. Prevention of corruption and crime through public enlightenment, workshops, symposiums, and training.

    The Anti-corruption Network will tackle corruption in the Nigerian society. In fighting corruption it is expedient to understand the lucid definition and types of corruption.
    Corruption means dishonest or illegal behavior by officials or people in positions of power, especially when they accept money in exchange of doing things for some one.

    Corruption means any abuse of a position of trust in order to gain an undue advantage. This involve the conduct of both sides, that of the person who abuses his positions of trust as well as that of the person who seeks to gain an undue advantage by his abuse.
    Corruption in common sense means dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power typically involving bribery. It is an act of dishonest especially using bribery or an immoral or wicked act.

    In addition to this, corruption is defined as misbehavior on the part of officials in public or private sectors, whether politicians, civil servants or corporate officials in which they improperly and unlawfully enrich themselves, or those close to them, by misuse of official power entrusted to them.

    From the above definition even though corruption lacks a universally accepted definition, three things comes out clearly. First is that corruption is a dishonest act, wicked and bad. Secondly, corruption is seen as immoral and antithetical to the positive virtues of society. Thirdly, corruption involves an abuse or misuse of position and authority.

Our Team

The Secretariat

The Secretariat of the organization is headed by the Executive Secretary, other Directorates in the organization include:

  • National Coordinator
  • Director of Administration
  • Director of Research and Documentation
  • Director of Legal
  • Director of Media and Publicity
  • Director of Outreach Services
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Audit
  • Director Planning and Strategy

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