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Senator Dino Melaye, has paid a visit to the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) to report the outrageous cost of advertising put in place by the Kogi State government.

The FCCPC operates within the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment and is responsible for protecting market competition and promoting consumer protection.

Melaye said the high costs contradict what the FCCPC stands for and, most importantly, goes against section 88 of the Electoral Act.

“We are here to lay this complaint because the Kogi state government has declared that for any political party in Kogi state to advertise, raise billboards, paste posters and other signages, you will have to make the payment of a whopping sum of N50 million deposit. Then, there is an N2 million price on each billboard that is mounted or erected within the territorial space of Kogi State.

“By the time we look at the available billboard we have already, we will have to pay over one billion naira, to advertise and promote our political party through signages across the state.

“Section 88 of the electoral act is very clear, that we are not permitted as a party or governorship candidate to spend more than one billion naira for our elections. So, if signages alone cost us N1 billion, then we will be committing an offence because we would have contravened the provisions of the Electoral Act.

“They have given outrageous prices as it relates to pricing and I know your mandates also forbids excessive pricing. By your mandates and the acts establishing this commission, you are also against a strenuous, excessive pricing system and also to protect competition,” he said

The FCCPC has built a legacy in consumer protection over the years since their inception.

They also promote the interest and welfare of consumers by providing them with a wider variety of quality products at competitive prices and ensuring the adoption of measures to guarantee that goods and services are safe for intended or normally safe use.

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